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Are you willing to come to in Spain?

By Rocío Castillo León

There are some special circumstances under which anyone will be able to reside and work meeting some general and special requirements. In this post, we will explain you everything about.

In 2013, the Spanish Government adopted a Law that offered the unique opportunity to non-European citizens to come to Spain if they met certain requirements. This Law ease the immigration of investors, entrepreneurs and qualified professionals from outside the European Union using a specific program that makes easier and faster the visa issuance.

This Law was created in order to attract investment and talent with the aim of promoting economic growth and the creation of jobs. From 2008, Spain was immersed in a serious economic crisis. Before the adoption of that Law, about 1.9 million of companies were destroyed, provoking a rise of unemployment which couldn´t be comparable to the rest of the European countries that, although they also suffered a crisis, its consequences were less harmful.

Under this regulation, investors, entrepreneurs and qualified professionals will receive the Spanish residence and work permit having, the following advantages:

  • Single authorization to reside and work, valid for the entire Spanish territory.
  • Freedom of movement in all the Schengen area. A zone where 26 different European countries, abolished their internal borders so goods, people, services and capital could move with no limitations.
  • More agile and simple procedure.
  • Joint procedure for relatives.

Who can apply?

General requirements are:

  • Being from outside the European Union and would like to develop an activity in Spain.
  • Being aged 18 and over.
  • Have no criminal records in Spain and in the countries you have lived in the previous 5 years.
  • Don´t appear as objectionable in the countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in that sense.
  • Having a public or private health insurance.
  • Having sufficient financial resources for yourself and for your family members.

If you are an entrepreneur and you would like to set up a company, as specific requirement you will be requested to develop a business or entrepreneurial activity of innovative character with special economic interest for Spain. It will be only considered those activities that will create jobs, will suppose an investment in our country and/or have an innovative character.

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As an investor, you will be requested to make an initial inversion between 1 to 2 million of Euro, acquire a property with a value of at least 500.000€ or, create a business project meeting at least one of the following conditions:

  • Creation of jobs.
  • Creation of a social-economical impact.
  • Relevant contribution to scientific and / or technological innovation.

Finally, if you are a qualified professional, you will have to accredit these conditions:

  • Being the CEO or high qualified professional of a company with at least, 250 employees in Spain, net annual volume, funds, net patrimony or, an average annual gross investment of a quantity that goes from 1 to 50 million Euro.
  • CEO or high qualified professional part of a bussiness project considered as being of general interest.
  • Graduates and postgraduates from universities and business schools of recognized prestige.

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If you are outside Spain, you will have to apply for a resident permit for one year however, in case you are already legally living in Spain, you must apply for an entrepreneurs’ authorization for two years, renewable for periods of two years, as long as the conditions that generated the right are maintained.

From Legal Advisor Málaga, our experience supports us. We will be able to support you and your application, either you are in Spain or not. Our team of experts will provide you necessary information regarding procedure, documentation, translations, fees… and will take on your behalf all needed steps. It will be incredible easy for you to take this decision. We prepare the documents for your application, make necessary translations and of course, will make you suggestions guaranteeing the best result. We will basically, assist you during all the process.

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